BGMI New Rule 10 Minute Ban; Check Here

After the comeback, BGMI made many changes in the game regarding rules and regulations. Recently we came to know about a new rule in which you will be banned for 10 minutes, and if repeated, it can be extended to 1 year or 10 years.

BGMI New Rules Set by The Government After the Ban

BGMI New Rule 10 Minute Ban

BGMI 10-Minute Ban New Rule

In the new rule, if your teammates get knocked from your grenade and they report, then the game will review and put 10 minute ban, and if you repeat, it will extend to 1 year or 10 years. Earlier, this action affected the Merit Score, but it will now ban for 10 minutes.

If you think you will close the game for 10 minutes and start playing, then it will not happen. You have to be in the game for 10 minutes to lift the temporary ban and make sure not to repeat the mistake again.

BGMI Update Not Showing in Play Store

What do you think about this new BGMI rule, and how will it affect the gaming experience? Let us know in the comments below.

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