Top 5 Lowest Recoil Guns in BGMI (Best Gun in BGMI)

BGMI Low Recoil Guns: In BGMI, guns are the best equipment to win the match, and the selection of the best gun in BGMI is crucial. In BGMI gun with least recoil has always been the best choice as it helps you take an accurate shot easily. If you are not aware of which gun has the least recoil in BGMI, then this complete guide will help you understand about best gun with no recoil or zero recoil in BGMI.

BGMI Gun Damage List & Details (Damage, Fire Rate, Ammo)

What is Recoil in BGMI?

When you use a weapon in BGMI, the gun moves vertically or horizontally is called recoil. This happens because of the force applied by the ammo at the time of discharge.

BGMI Best Attachments to Control Recoil

The best attachments to control recoil in BGMI are:

  1. Compensator
  2. Stock
  3. Vertical Foregrip
  4. Laser sight

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Lowest Recoil Guns in BGMI

Here is the list of BGMI guns with the least recoil:

WeaponsAmmoFire Rate (rounds/minute)Damage
AUG A35.56 mm66043 HP
M4165.56 mm66043 HP
DP-287.62 mm55051 HP
Vector9 mm110031 HP
UMP450.45 ACP67039 HP

1. AUG A3

In our listing, AUG A3 is the least recoil weapon, but it is available only in AirDrop. As compared to other ARs, AUG ammo moves faster and with better accuracy. It uses 5.56 mm ammo and deals with a damage of 43 HP. But it is not suitable for close-range and has a slow reload & fire rate.

2. M416

M416 has been the favorite weapon of almost every player. It is the best selection for all types of combat, with better accuracy and maximum damage. The best part about M416 is its reloading speed and recoil control. In BGMI, the M416 Glacier gun skin is everyone’s favorite.

3. DP-28

DP-28 is an LMG that gives better accuracy when you are prone or crouching. For mid-range, it is one of the finest guns, but for close-range, it is not recommended because of its slow reloading speed. It uses 7.62 ammo that delivers the base damage up to 51.

4. Vector

Vector is one of the best SMG with a high fire rate and low recoil. It uses 9.9mm ammo but never forgets to pick up the extended mag to avoid low ammunition. Because of the high fire rate, it can easily take down 1 or 2 opponents.

5. UMP45

If you have a good reflex and have to battle in close range, then UMP45 is one of the finest SMG. If the opponent is with ARs and you have good aim, then the opponent can be easily taken down before they knock you out.

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These are the top 5 lowest recoil guns in BGMI – the best gun in BGMI. If you have anything to share anything, please let us know in the comments below. For more, stay tuned to

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