How to Complete 100 RP Without UC in BGMI?

BGMI Complete 100 RP Without UC: In BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA, every month, new royale pass releases, which has a lot of exciting rewards. But there are a total of 100 levels, and it is hard to complete before the end of the royale pass.

UC is the easiest way to complete 100 RP in BGMI, but it is not possible for everyone to spend UC on purchasing RP rank. So in this guide, you will find the free alternative ways to reach 100 RP without UC. These methods are free, so it will be a little bit of time taking process.

BGMI Royale Pass Rewards RP 1-100

How to Complete 100 RP Without UC in BGMI?

1. Daily Missions

In BGMI Daily Missions, we get 4 missions, and for completing them, we get some Free RP Points every day along with BP Coin, AG, Exp, etc. Daily can also be changed if they are not suitable for you. Daily missions are simple and easy to complete.

2. RP Weekly Missions

BGMI royale pass is of 4 weeks, and every week 12 mission of different types are added, and for completing, we get a high amount of RP ranks. But it is a bit time taking, and some of the missions are not easy to complete easily.

3. Open Crates

By opening Classic or Premium crate players, you can free RP points along with the rewards coming out in the lucky rate. You can use either UC or crate coupons to unlock the crate. So collect as many coupons and open crates for free with exciting rewards.

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