M416 Glacier: How to Get BGMI M416 Glacier Skin Free?

BGMI M416 Glacier Skin: Among BGMI players, M416 Glacier is the most popular skin that everyone likes to own. M416 Glacier appears in the lucky crate and cost a lot of UC, but this guide will help you get it for free. Glacier skin is popular among players because of its unique ice-like transparent design.

Note: Currently, M416 Glacier skin is unavailable in BGMI, and in the alternative, you can try getting M416 Fool Skin. But whenever Glacier skin is arriving, you can get it by following this guide.

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Why Everyone Wants M416 Glacier Skin?

In BGMI and PUBG Mobile M416 Glacier is the most popular gun skin and everyone likes to own, and the reason behind is its unique and elegant design. Its shimmering appearance grabs everyone’s attention, and also carries a psychological benefit. When a player holds glacier skin sometimes opponents consider them as a pro player.

Does Glacier Skin Carry Extra Benefits?

No, Glacier skin doesn’t carry extra benefits, it only convert normal skin into a beautiful design of ice. The only benefit you get is in design.

Tips to Increase Your Luck

M4 Glacier skin is a legendary skin and in classic crate chances of getting legendary item is 2.75%. So you can use these tips to increase your luck:

  • Wear default clothes
  • Don’t skip the animation
  • Login to the game rarely
  • Don’t open any crate for long time
  • Tap & Untap on the skin multiple times

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How to Get BGMI M416 Glacier Skin Free?

  1. Login to the game > Click on Crate icon
    Open BGMI > Tap on Crate icon
  2. Go to Classic Crate
  3. Use Classic Crate coupon instead of UC
  4. Open one crate at time
  5. If you are lucky M416 may arrive with Classic Crate coupon

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How to Max Out M416 Glacier Skin?

  1. Login to the game > Click on Workshop > Go to The Lab
    Login to the game > Click on Workshop > Go to The Lab
  2. Look for M416 Glacier Skin
  3. Tap on Upgrade
    Look for M416 Glacier Skin > Tap on Upgrade
  4. Every level unlock new features

Note: To max out m4 glacier skin you will require Paint (Get from Events, Shop, Crates, Royale Pass) and Materials (Get from Events, Shop, Crates).

1Basic AppearanceClassic Crate
2Elimination Special Effect25 Paint + 2 Materials
3Advanced Form40 Paint + 3 Materials
4Elimination Broadcast55 Paint + 4 Materials
5On-hit Effect70 Paint + 5 Materials
6Final Form80 Paint + 6 Materials
7Loot Crate100 Paint + 7 Materials

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That’s all about M416 Glacier: How to Get BGMI M416 Glacier Skin Free. If you have anything to share anything, please let us know in the comments below. For more, stay tuned to BGMIUpdate.com.

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