25 New Changes in BGMI After Unban; Check Details

When the BGMI was banned for 10 months, a lot of changes have been made in the global version of the PUBG Mobile, and after the ban, most of the features will be seen in BGMI. Here is the list of 25 new changes that will be seen in the BGMI after unban.

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New Changes in BGMI After Unban

1. Bots Can Drive Vehicles

In the new update, bots can drive vehicles like real players, peak, jump, and heal teammates. They act very similar to a real player, and it makes the game more interesting. Now bots can do almost all the activities that a player does.

2. Vehicle Storage

In the new update, every vehicle has a storage system to put your extra items in the vehicle if your bag is full. Open your bag > click on the vehicle icon and move the extra item to the vehicle storage section.

3. Auto Melee Weapon

When you start a match, a Melee weapon is given in your hand by default on the spawn island and even in the battlegrounds, and you can also take a fight if you are not able to find any good weapon. It looks very similar to a knife, but it is bigger in size.

4. Start Animation

Before the match starts, an animation will be displayed on the spawn island where all the players with their names are displayed with a cool animation of 5 seconds, and after sitting on the plane, another animation is also added.

5. Mirado Car

If you have played matches in Miramar Map, I’m sure you know about the Mirado Car, as it is one of the fastest cars in the game that comes with an open roof and can be closed or opened with a button. Mirado Car runs at a speed of 163 Km/hr. If BGMI is adding this vehicle to Erangel Map, there is a high chance that more supercar collaboration might be seen in the future.

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6. Monster Truck

Monster Truck is an iconic vehicle of Livik Map that can cross any obstacles easily, and Monster Truck is coming to Erangel too.

7. Cycle Stand

At 5 locations in BGMI, a cycle stand is added where 4 bicycles are kept; and you can take any of them for your use. You can speed boost cycle travel faster or ring the bells. It is a 2-seater vehicle, so one more player can also sit on it.

8. New Petrol Pump

Earlier petrol pumps were only used as a showpiece, but after the update, now it can be used to refill the fuel in our vehicle. Park your vehicle in the yellow area and tap on refuel 1 token to fill the petrol in your vehicle how much it is empty.

9. Market Shop

At various places in the BGMI market, a shop is added where you can purchase in-game equipment. It contains almost every item available on the battlefield, but it comes at a cost. It is available at a total of 23 locations in the game.

10. Full-Auto Mod

If you use M16A4 or Mk47, then a new item has been added to the Market Shop that is Full-Auto Mod. It adds special functionality to M16A4 and Mk47, which converts them into an auto-firing mode. Purchase a full auto mod attachment from the market shop, open your bag, and attach it with M16A4 or Mk47, and it will become auto firing.

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11. Gun Shield

For the DP-28 and M249 lovers, a Gun Shield attachment is made available in the Market Shop that has the capability to block enemy gunfire and automatically deploys upon going prone. Purchase it from the market shop, open your bag, and attach it with DP-28 or M249.

12. School Window

In the school building, minor changes like extra windows have been made, but it looks amazing and provides more options for esports players to build better strategies.

13. Hospital Broken Building

At the Hospital, many buildings are broken, and walls are broken. The main reason behind these changes is to make esports better and more suitable for competitive matches.

14. New Port (Military)

A new location under the Military base is added; it looks like a port, and a boat is also available to move from one location to another.

15. New Port (Ferry Pier)

Near the Ferry Pier and Military base bridge, another port has been made, which makes it easier to escape from bridge camping. If someone is camping from the bridge, then you can hide behind stones and make rotations to travel on another side safely.

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16. New Port (Farm)

At Farm near the mid-sea, another port is added under the mountains. Earlier, it was an open area, but now it is full of warehouses and some more buildings. This is going to help players who are stuck in open areas.

17. Permanent Trams

If you remember Winter Festival, you might have seen Trams that take you from one location to another. Now it is added permanently, and you can easily travel from Yasnaya Polyana to Stalber. Traveling to Stalber is a bit tough because of its height, but using the Trams becomes easier. It is located at 3 places in Stalber.

18. Group Emote

If you are a content creator and make lobby edits of all players dancing at the same time using the emote, then the group emote going to be a fantastic thing. But only the Captain can do this, and all players have to follow the captain. To do this, click on emote icon, follow along with the captain, and once the captain starts any emote, all players following the captain will do it.

19. Transform Button

Earlier, if you are finished by a player, a recall is remaining to come back in the game. But from now onwards, if you have a pet or robot, then you can transform into it and travel to that player and ask for help. But you won’t be able to see any loot crate or any other player.

20. Creator Mode

For content creators, it is an amazing tool added to the game, using which you can take pictures and record cinematic videos of BGMI gameplay. Click on Emote button > Tap on the Camera button > Now you can change the weather, add special effects, and take pictures or selfies.

While you are in creator mode, tap on the button in the middle of the laughing emoji and three dot line > Video or Photo, and choose the type of video or photo you want to record. Green screen effects and a lot of customization options are also available for better output.

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21. Voice to Text

If you want to talk in chat during the match but don’t want to use voice, then a new feature, speech-to-text, is added. Tap on the Quick Chat button > Tap on the Mic button with T text written on it > Speak what you want to type, and the text will be sent in the chat.

22. Bike Animations

The bike is one of the coolest vehicles that everyone likes to travel, and in the update, a lot of different animations have been added to the bike. Such as when you turn the bike, move left/right, apply the brake, dust from drift, and a lot more.

23. New Weather

In BGMI, different weather keeps on coming in the sometimes evening weather, foggy weather, rainy weather, normal weather, and now colorful cloudy weather is available, which looks awesome.

24. New Weapon: Honey Badger

A new weapon Honey Badger is added in the update, which uses 7.62mm ammunition. It is a lightweight weapon with low recoil and deals good damage to the opponent.

25. Pochinki Hotel

Pochinki Hotel is one of the popular buildings in the game, and now it has changed a lot. The hotel has got bigger space with more options to hide and build strategy. Some of the items have been shifted to another location, like the staircase.

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For your better understanding, here is a detailed video about the article, which will help you understand all the changes visually.


These are some of the New Changes in BGMI After the Unban. In the future, there will be even more changes, and the main focus of the developers is to make the game esports friendly.

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