BGMI Patch Notes 3.1 Flying Carpet Update

BGMI 3.1 Patch Notes Update: The latest version of BGMI 3.1 has been released, and in this update, a lot of changes have been made to make the game more enjoyable. Some major changes made in the game are

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  1. New Themed Mode: Skyhigh Spectacle
  2. 6th Anniversary
  3. New Gameplay: Genie
  4. New Vehicle: Flying Carpet
  5. Major Miramar Updates

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BGMI Patch Notes Preview Update

Here is the list of changes that have been done in the BGMI March Patch Update:

New Themed Mode: Skyhigh Spectacle

In the Skyhigh Spectacle Themed Mode, the gigantic Nimbus island appears on the flight path. Nimbus Island is a magnificent city in the sky. The day island offers a wide field of view making it the perfect place to show off your skills. The night island boasts charming scenery but veils itself in fog, extra caution is advised.

New Gameplay: Genie

Eliminate all enemies on the island, harness all the blessings you can from the magic lamps, and collect supplies along with an extra respawn card these are your crucial measures on the road to chicken dinner

New Vehicle: Flying Carpet

The all-new two-seater vehicle, Flying Carpet is sure to become your trusty accomplice on this adventure.

Portal Staff and Grooving Grenade

Aside from this plenty of mystical items will aid you in eliminating your enemies or in pranking your teammates.

Sky Treasure Ship

Don’t fret if you’re unable to enter Nimbus Island, you can board the sky treasure ship and unlock crates or with the aid of the treasure map find crates that grant extra supplies.

Major Miramar Updates

As for classic mode, the Miramar map has been majorly updated in this version! We have integrated two new districts truck stop and partona. Furthermore with this update comes a special weather condition: Sandstorm! Players caught in a sandstorm will continuously lose health, so be sure to avoid them!


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