BGMI Tier Reset C6S17 – BGMI Tier List Drop System

C6S17 BGMI Tier Reset: After the beginning of the new season, in BGMI tier reset happens where the ranking of all players decreases. In BGMI, one season lasts for 2 months, and players are gifted some free rewards depending on the highest tier reached in the previous season. The BGMI tier drop takes place with respect to the highest rank reached before the arrival of the new season.

BGMI Tier Rewards C6S17 (BGMI A7 Tier Rewards)

BGMI Tier Reset Cycle6 Season17 (BGMI Rank List With Points)

In BGMI C6S17, if your current rank is up to Gold V, then no tier reset will happen, and the tier rank after Gold V will be transferred, as it is mentioned in the table below.

Current TierTier PointsC6S17 Tier
Bronze V1,000 – 1,300Bronze V
Bronze IV1,300 – 1,400Bronze IV
Bronze III1,400 – 1,500Bronze III
Bronze II1,500 – 1,600Bronze II
Bronze I1,600 – 1,700Bronze I
Silver V1,700 – 1,800Silver V
Silver IV1,800 – 1,900Silver IV
Silver III1,900 – 2,000Silver III
Silver II2,000 – 2,100Silver II
Silver I2,100 – 2,200Silver I
Gold V2,200 – 2300Gold V
Gold IV2,300 – 2,400Gold V
Gold III2,400 – 2,500Gold V
Gold II2,500 – 2,600Gold V
Gold I2,600 – 2,700Gold IV
Platinum V2,700 – 2,800Gold IV
Platinum IV2,800 – 2,900Gold IV
Platinum III2,900 – 3,000Gold III
Platinum II3,000 – 3,100Gold III
Platinum I3,100 – 3,200Gold III
Diamond V3,200 – 3,300Gold II
Diamond IV3,300 – 3,400Gold II
Diamond III3,400 – 3,500Gold II
Diamond II3,500 – 3,600Gold I
Diamond I3,600 – 3,700Gold I
Crown V3,700 – 3,800Platinum V
Crown IV3,800 – 3,900Platinum V
Crown III3,900 – 4,000Platinum IV
Crown II4,000 – 4,100Platinum IV
Crown I4,100 – 4,200Platinum III
Ace4,200 – 4,700Platinum II
Ace Master4,7000 – 5,200Platinum II
Ace Dominator5,200Platinum I
Conqueror4,200Platinum I

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BGMI Tier Reset (BGMI Rank List With Points)


Why does Tier Reset Happen in BGMI?

Tier Reset or Tier Drop in BGMI happens to keep the players engaged in rank push after the new season’s arrival.

How does BGMI Ranking System Works?

The BGMI ranking system works on various factors, such as survival duration, finish ratio, and equipment utilization. Players’ rank changes depending on these factors, including some other features such as crate opening, sending gifts, etc.

What is BGMI Tier Reset Time in India?

In India BGMI tier reset time is 7:30 AM.

What is The Highest Rank in BGMI?

Conqueror is the highest rank in BGMI which requires 4,200 tier points.

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