BGMI Tier Rewards C6S17 (BGMI A7 Tier Rewards)

C6S17 BGMI Tier Rewards: In BGMI, if you reach certain levels, some free in-game rewards are gifted, such as Outfits, Skins, Tokens, Title, Frame, etc. The higher the tier you reach, the better rewards can be claimed, and they are rare.

Players have 2 months (59 days) to reach the highest tier Conqueror. But even if you don’t reach Conqueror, you can claim the rewards at which tier you have reached. If you have reached Ace, Ace rewards will be available to claim.

BGMI Tier Reset C6S17 – BGMI Tier List Drop System

BGMI Cycle6 Season17 Tier Rewards

Tier RankC6S17
BronzeSupply Crate Coupon, 300 Token
SilverSupply Crate Coupon, 350 Token
GoldC6S17 Set/Outfit, 400 Token
PlatinumC6S17 Glasses, 500 Token
DiamondC6S17 Gun Skin, 600 Token
CrownC6S17 Name Tag, 3 Rating Protection Card: 1-Time, 800 Token
AceC6S17 Mask, 1000 Token
Ace MasterC6S17 Headgear, Ace Master Title, 1000 Token
Ace DominatorC6S17 Ace Dominator Avatar, Team-up effect, 1000 Token
ConquerorC6S17 Conqueror Avatar Frame, Title, Special effect, 1200 Token

Note: Parachute has been moved to Tier Shop Reward section, so you can get it from there.

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BGMI C6S17 A7 Tier Rewards

It would be better if you watch the video of these tier rewards; that’s why here is the video where all the tier rewards of Cycle6 Season17 are shown.


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