A1 BGMI Week 5 Mission

A1 BGMI Week 5 Mission: As a BGMI Player, you’re likely familiar with the weekly missions that offer exciting challenges and rewards. BGMI Week 5 mission introduces new missions to earn RP points and collect rewards from the royale pass. Let’s delve into the details of the Week 5 missions in BGMI:

BGMI Royale Pass Rewards RP 1-100

BGMI Week 5 Mission

In Week 5, there are a total of 13 missions that will help you obtain 800 weekly RP mission points, which will help you rank up RP levels.

RP PointsBGMI Week 5 Mission
100[Elite] Win a Classic match 1 time while wearing a Spetsnaz Helmet (Lv. 3).
100[Elite] Use Energy Drink 10 times in Classic Mode.
Pearlescent[Elite] Eliminate 3 players while prone in Classic Mode.
60[Repetable] (Week 5 only) Spend 100 times in matches.
150[Friend Boost] Eliminate 20 enemies with Assault Rifles in Erangel in Classic Mode.
60[Friend Bonus] Complete 5 matches with friends in Classic mode.
60[Team Boost] Pick up the Flare Gun in 3 matches with teammates in Classic Mode.
60Pick up an AWM 1 time in Classic Mode.
60Eliminate 10 enemies with M416 in Classic Mode.
60(Week 5 Only) Log into the game on a total of 3 days.
30Eliminate 1 enemy with Kar98K in Classic Mode.
30Travel more than 2000 meters while operating any vehicle in Classic Mode.
30Visit the Social Lobby of 3 different friends.

Note: If you are unable to complete missions, you can use Mission Cards to complete the mission.

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