Who is BGMI GOAT Player in The World?

Who is BGMI GOAT Player: BGMI has taken Indian eSports by storm, and there are so many players who have achieved a lot of things in their life only because of BGMI. These players are often referred to as the GOAT (Greatest of All Time). In this article, you will find the list of the top 5 BGMI GOAT players.

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Who is BGMI GOAT Player? | List of Top 5 BGMI GOAT Players

What Does GOAT Player Mean in BGMI?

The acronym G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time) is used to refer to or describe the person who has performed better than anyone else ever, especially in a sport, and has a strong claim at any title. In BGMI, it refers to the players who have mastery of the game and consistent performance and encompasses individual skill & overall achievements.

Who is BGMI GOAT Player?

Jonathan Jude Amaral, professionally known as Jonathan Gaming, is considered a BGMI GOAT Player. People call him by various nicknames, Universal MVP, H*cker. He has won various tournaments, and his gaming skills are just amazing.

Top 5 BGMI GOAT Players

These BGMI player are considered as BGMI GOAT:

Jonathan Gaming5112616229

1. Jonathan Jude “Jonathan Gaming” Amaral

Jonathan is a popular name among the BGMI community known for MVP. Currently, he is the BGMI roster of the GodLike eSports team and has won several awards from eSports. Many popular personalities like Scout, Mortal, and thug praises Jonathan for his amazing gameplay skills.

Jonathan BGMI ID: 5112616229

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2. Harsh “Goblin” Paudwal

Goblin is another popular name among the BGMI community, well known for accuracy and aggressive gameplay that helped him earn awards, win tournaments, and much more. His close-range skills are considered the best in the community. Currently, he is the BGMI roster of Team SouL.

SouL Goblin BGMI ID: 5292595691

3. Tanmay “Sc0ut” Singh

Scout is a popular name at the global level who has made a huge impact on Indian eSports. He has been playing as an eSports athlete when nobody was knowing about it in India. Tanmay has won several awards in eSports, well known for his amazing gameplay.

Scout BGMI ID: 5144286984

4. Sahil “Omega” Jakhar

Omega is the IGL of team SouL, who has impressed everyone in the community with his skills. His decisive calls in the Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series 2022 Season 1 helped Team SouL win their third major official esports trophy.

SouL Omega BGMI ID: 51280800308

5. Akshat “AkshaT” Goel

AkshaT is a rising player who has the ability to survive till the last zone. Currently, he is the primary assault in Team SouL. He is a calm player and never tries to rush on opponents.

Omega BGMI ID: 5512526422

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At this time, Jonathan is the GOAT player of BGMI, and Goblin is the rising GOAT player. Apart from these 5, there are some more players who are amazing at BGMI. Some of the popular names are Mortal, Saumraj, Mavi, Neyoo, ClutchGod, Hector, TsmNinja, AquaNox, and more. If you have anything to share anything, please let us know in the comments below. For more, stay tuned to BGMIUpdate.com.

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