How to Fix BGMI Error Code Restrict Area?

Server is Busy Restrict Area BGMI: Are you getting “Server is busy, please try again later. Error code: restrict-area“? If Yes, then by following this article, you will be able to fix BGMI restrict area error and log in to the game.

This error usually occurs when players try to access the game from a region where BGMI is restricted or unavailable. But there are some other reasons too why such errors occur in the game; some of the common issues are mentioned below.

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How to Fix BGMI Error Code Restrict Area?
Server is busy, please try again later. Error code: restrict-area

BGMI Error Code Restrict Area Reason

  1. Accessing BGMI in Restricted Region: First, you must check that you are playing BGMI from a non-restricted region. BGMI is released officially only for India, and if you are playing BGMI outside India, the game will display the error code restrict area. So make sure you are playing from India.
  2. Using VPN: If you are connected to a VPN server and accessing the game from a restricted region, there is a high chance that a restricted area error will appear. But you can use a reputable VPN application and connect using an Indian Server to access the game.
  3. Slow Internet: Slow Internet is a major problem why error messages occur in the game. If you are connected with a poor internet connection, check your internet speed and try to switch to a better and more stable internet.
  4. Non-Compatible Device: BGMI has a minimum system requirement, and if your device is not compatible to run the game but you installed it forcefully, then various error messages may occur. So always use a compatible device.
  5. Corrupted game files: BGMI keeps releasing in-game updates to fix minor bugs and add new events, but sometimes corrupted game files may create issues for BGMI. It can be easily fixed by following the below steps.

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How to Fix BGMI Error Code Restrict Area?

Step 1: Turn off Mobile Data/WiFi
Step 3: Wait for the Login page to load
Step 4: Click on the Repair button

Click on Repair button

Step 5: Check Routine Repair > Click Ok

Check Routine Repair > Click Ok

Step 6: Restart the game
Step 7: Turn on Mobile Data/WiFi
Step 8: Log in to your BGMI account using a social account

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That’s all about How to Fix BGMI Error Code Restrict Area. By following the above guide, you can fix the restricted area issue and enjoy the game. Please let us know in the comments below if you have anything to share. For more, stay tuned to

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