How to Add Friend in BGMI?

How to Add Friend in BGMI: In BGMI, we can make friends and play together, send gifts, send messages, voice chat, watch gameplay, and much more. But if you don’t know how to make friends, this tutorial will help with that.

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How to Add Friend in BGMI?

  1. Log in to the game > Click on the Friends Tab
    Log in to the game srcset= Click on the Friends Tab”>
  2. Click on Add Friend icon
    Click on Add Friend icon
  3. Enter Player’s ID > Search > Click + icon
    Enter Player's ID > Search > Click + icon
  4. Tap Send (You can also type a custom message in 35 characters along with the request)
    Tap Send

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How to Add Facebook Friends in BGMI?

Currently, BGMI doesn’t support adding Facebook friends automatically, but you can ask that person for their BGMI ID, and you can send the request by following the above steps and add Facebook friends in BGMI. It might be a time taking process, but it works without any issues.

How to Accept Friend Requests in BGMI?

  1. Click on the Friends Tab
  2. Tap on the Bell icon
  3. In the popup, all requests will be displayed
  4. Agree to accept and Ignore to delete the request

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