BGMI Custom Room: How to Create Room in BGMI?

BGMI Custom Room: Do you want to know how to create room in BGMI? If yes, here we will guide you through the process of creating a room in BGMI using a Room Card and invite your friends to play custom matches with the people you know.

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BGMI Room Card: How to Create Room in BGMI?

What is BGMI Room Card?

BGMI Room Card is an in-game item used to create a personalized room in BGMI, such as custom game modes, invite friends, map selection, team sizes, and more.

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How to Create Room in BGMI?

  1. Log in to the game > Tap on Select Mode
    Log in to the game srcset= Tap on Select Mode”>
  2. Click on Room
    Click on Room
  3. Tap on Create Room
    Tap on Create Room
  4. Tap on Use > Ok
    Tap on Use srcset= Ok”>
  5. Click Create Room
    Click Create Room
  6. Choose Map > Type Room Name > Chose Mode > Choose Players and Set Password > Create Room
    Choose Map srcset= Type Room Name > Chose Mode > Choose Players and Set Password > Create Room”>
  7. Invite players whom you want to add
    Invite players whom you want to add
  8. BGMI custom room ID and password are mentioned on the top, and you can also ask them to join by entering BGMI custom room ID and password

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How to Get Room Card in BGMI?

There are four ways by which you can get free room card in BGMI or purchase it.

1. Royale Pass

Every month BGMI brings a new royale pass, and by reaching that level, a free room card can be claimed. It is not sure that in every royale pass, there will be a room. BGMI room card can be either available in the free pass or elite pass; for the free pass, no purchase is needed, but for the elite pass, you have to buy the royale pass.

2. Events

On various occasions BGMI brings events and for completing those event missions, you can get BGMI custom room card for free if it is available in the rewards. It is one of the easiest and doesn’t cost you anything if you are able to complete the given missions.

3. Purchase from Clan Shop

Clan Shop is another best way to avail free room card. If you are in clan and play regularly then you will be earning clan perks and these clan perks can be used to purchase items from the clan shop. In the clan shop Room card is available at 300 clan perks.

4. Purchase from Game Shop

Purchasing room card from game shop is bit costly as you have pay using UC. There are two types of advanced room cards in BGMI. Advanced Room Card: 1-Use can be used only once, whereas Advanced Room Card: 7-Use can be used 7 times. Just like the uses, the cost of 1-Use and 7-Use cards are also different. 1-Use costs 100 UC, whereas 7-Use costs 500 UC.

Purchase BGMI Room Card from Game Shop

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